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Course Tour


East side is very scoreable if you hit accurate drives. If you want to score you need to be precise with your shots. West side is more wide open.

#1 – Elevation, Par 3 216 yds from back tees. From the highest tee box on the course, enjoy a complete panoramic view of Central Massachusetts facing south. Normally you will need one less club because of the steep drop, but watch the wind here. If constant prevailing winds are in player's face it will require 1 or 2 more clubs. The trees on either side of the tee box will keep players honest, by making them hit down the chute. But there's lots of wide open room the rest of the way.
#2 – The Gauntlet, Par 5 537 yds. have your "A" game ready for this extremely challenging uphill drive to a narrow fairway. Line your tee shot up between the two trees that look like a "field goal". Best shot is up the right side, a shot left is in jail. Only the biggest hitters can make it in 2 shots. Play your second shot up the right side for the best view of the green. The key to scoring here is a big straight drive. Big advantage for ladies from the forward tee. As you take your third shot into the green, watch out for the four huge bunkers that protect the left side of the hole. Lots of room to score on this big green.
Wind your way thru the woods on this very scenic drive through the wilderness to the 3rd hole.
#3 – Pondview, Par 3 131 yds, just a short shot over the water to this secluded target green. Good chance for a birdie here, but accuracy is key. A beautiful setting with the rock wall and pond right in front of green. No room for going short or you'll be in the pond, so add an extra club!
Take another short ride over bridge and through the woods to the 4th tee.
#4 – The Clearing, Par 5 521 yds, hit a driver down the chute to a very expansive landing area. A shot to the right side sets up your best approach to the green. Your 3rd shot will take you to the left for a short downhill shot. A good drive will give you a chance to go for it in two.
#5 – Carefree, Par 4 451 yds from the back, hit your driver over the wetland area to a very receptive fairway. It's a very inviting shot – no place to get into trouble. A couple of bunkers on the right frame the shot, but usually don't come into play. A long 2nd shot will take you to a very long narrow green with 2 tiers.
#6 – Challenger, Par 3 257 yd, – take a long shot! Most players from the back tees will need a full driver to get to the green. A large bunker in front protects green, but there are many options with 4 sets of tees. The toughest Par 3 on the course.
Follow the path rear of the #6 green to #7 tee, another nice ride through the woods on a raised cart path.
#7 – The Bump, Par 5 495 yd, this hole plays right to left off the tee and with a good tee shot a player can get home in 2. The best shot is a driver with a big draw to a large landing area. Just beware of the bunkers on the right side. How well you score depends on your 3rd shot into the green. You will need to pick which side of the green to shoot for – choose right or left depending on the placement of the pin. Very unique double approaches created by the large "bump" that protects the center of the green – the largest one on the course.
Another scenic trip, take the cart path around the back and through the woods to #8
#8 – Ledges, Short Par 4 344 yds, a good driver down the right side on this slight dogleg left hole will leave you the best approach shot. Lots of room for mistakes with a generous landing area. Your 2nd shot will be a short uphill shot to a blind green. Shoot for the center of the green, but add one extra club.
#9 – Hillclimb, Par 4 255 yd hole, the best shot is hit into the flat area of fairway between bunkers. A shot too long is likely to roll back at you, or will leave you a difficult chip. Your 2nd shot will be a short, uphill shot to a very large green. Enjoy the spectacular uphill view of the Clubhouse in the background.

#10 – Risk/Reward, Par 4 Pro tee plays 457 yds from the tips. It plays a little to the Right, driver brings water into play. Aggressive golfers can go for the green on their 2nd shot over Roaring brook.

Short ride through tunnel from Hole #10 to Hole #11

#11 – The Tunnel, Par 5 Dogleg right that plays 566 yds from the back tees. Challenging shot off the tee thru a narrow chute. Opens up after drive. It's the longest hole on the course. 2nd shot plays downhill – 2 big shots have the chance to eagle, just watch the water on the right.

#12 – Up and Away, Par 4 405 yds from the back tee - uphill all the way. Hit driver to a generous fairway – 2nd shot to a blind but receptive green. Hit one extra club to get over the bunker that guards the green.

#13 – Skyline, Par 3 From the backs, 221 yds downhill. Take 1 less club than you think you need. But don't forget to enjoy the beautiful views in the background. You will be rewarded by a shot to the middle of the green. Beware of the "bump" right in front of the green that sends balls to strange places. Bump and runs usually don't work here.

#14 – Precision, Par 4 449 yds from the back. Requires a precise drive to a narrow landing area. Multiple tees offer a lot of options on how to play this hole. Play down the right side for the best 2nd shot into the green.

Follow the winding cart path behind the green over the bridge and through the woods to the 15th tee.

#15 – Seclusion, Par 3 175 yds from the backs. Enjoy this very picturesque setting all by itself. Plenty of room to go for the green. Don't be afraid of being long, as the bowl shape behind the green offers a very inviting shot. Gem of a hole, with a nice big green, and bunkers in front.

#16 – Twists and Turns, Par 5 479 yds, plays as a dogleg right with water on the right. Hit to the large landing area. A better player can make it to the corner and go for the green in two!. If you don't get around the corner in your drive then you have to lay-up and play the hole as a true Par 5. Watch the bunker on the left as you head to the green.

#17 – All Carry, Par 3 170 yds, take your best shot to this very well bunkered elevated green. Hit it close to the stick, if not you will find some interesting putts on this undulating green. A very picturesque Par 3.

#18 – Homeward Up the side of the entranceway from backs 386 yds – plays quite a bit longer. There is plenty of room – fairway bunkers on the left. There is a big difference in tees in how you play. If you play from pro tees you must hit a good drive to get it out there. If you move up, gain 50 yards from back tees to the next set of tees. Even more extreme for female players. Tee shot takes you over Roaring Brook. 2nd shot is severely uphill to a very well-bunkered green with a false front.